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Hey everyone, I am really, really sorry about this being the temporary home for the files, but I wanted to make some of the files available for you while we work out the whole domain hosting thing. Host Gator is still being a bitch, so for now this will be the home to the files (paired with dropbox).

For the World of Darkness files click here.

For Marvel files, click here.

I am still a jobless loser, so if you can spare anything, feel free to donate via PayPal or Patreon.

Sometimes I am tempted to use links, to try and make a tiny bit of money, but I find those tacky, so I am being good for now at least. if our cats run out of food, I might look into it.

If there are files I have missed, and you would like to see them, please let me know. As a note, I will only be uploading the files we have personally created.

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